What’s going on in Germany?

Picture of Kevin Kocher
Kevin Kocher


There are a lot of layoffs happening right now.

However, this means that there are a lot of job openings as well.

Sometimes the word on the street is different than what they are talking about in the media. That’s not the case right now.

There’s no hiding from it—German job market is going through some issues like most places in Europe.

The truth is, there are more unemployed software developers than ever before, and there are big demands for IT specialists and Data Scientists.

There is a lot of turnover, as many workers aren’t satisfied with their home office allowance and other benefits.

So, whether someone is laid off, trying to be laid off, or “quiet quitting” (a new phenomenon born during COVID to express doing the bare minimum), there are a lot of workers like you “looking around.”

What does this mean?

Your competition is high—actually, “extremely high” because we’re competing in the English-speaking job market.

Just take a look at a fully-remote job post on LinkedIn. It could have hundreds of applicants within 1 week!

My point is this:

Standard applications don’t work anymore. If you check 100% of the boxes, maybe you’ll get invited to an interview; otherwise, forget about it.

There’s a smarter approach. Please make sure you’re following.

If you join me and 5 clients right now, I’ll guide you how to skip ahead of 90% of your competition who are lazily applying using LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply.”

Passive applying = passive results.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

*Coming soon: a few cool interviews in the German media where we discuss these topics.