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April 16th, 2024

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Kevin Kocher



Another week passed in Northern Germany. We’re finally starting to get some sun after a long and dark winter.

As soon as I say that, it will probably go wet and dark again.

In any event, this week I wanted to have our interaction back because there are new members coming in.

I want to continue to learn how I can best serve you with my weekly email.

So I want you to answer a brief survey so I can get an understanding.

Here’s what i’m wondering.

What would you like to hear about most? Send me a direct reply with either the letter..

A. Tip of the week for your job hunt

B. Weekly news updates from Germany relating to your job search

C. Weekly stories from current clients (but with names and company names changed of course)

D. Something else..? feel free to write a free reply!

Kind regards,