Update on Visa & Immigration laws

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Kevin Kocher


A few weeks back, I asked the Immigrant Spirit audience in the newsletter their biggest challenges to getting a job in Germany.

I responded to most everyone on email and kept a record that I shared back.

Ann said: “Getting visa sponsored jobs are the biggest problem I have. Could you please help me get a job in Germany even the ones that are not visa sponsored but they can offer me a work permit to use it in my visa application?”

Sarfraz wrote: “I feel the biggest challenge I am facing is the language barrier. I have seen many Jobs in Germany related to my skills and experience. I have reached many recruiters and talked to them but most of them gave me the same response”

Michael wrote: “My challenge is all about how I can find a suitable job within my area of expertise in Germany. I need the direction to achieve this milestone”

This week I wanted to get feedback on another area of concern.


Getting a job with an employer that will make your life easier by guiding you through this process is ideal.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have this luxury.

So I see things developing to help you come here and make your own way to getting a visa.

I interviewed Theresa Walther, Managing Director & Immigration specialist at Progedo GmbH. I asked all the biggest questions about changes in Visas, Immigration laws, Blue card, Opportunity card (Chancenkarte), and more.

Remember that the shortage of skilled labor in Germany is no secret at this point, it’s been talked about for years.

Now the Government is changing some things in a positive way to make it easier to do all the paperwork (or so they claim).

What would you like to know about the latest developments on Visas?

Watch the replay here: (Link)