Top 10 job industries in Germany

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Ever wondering, what the top 10 jobs right now in Germany are?

The national employment agency consistently updates on reported job openings, and the information is crucial to understanding your fit into Germany.

There are around 701,000 open jobs in Germany.

The top ten are as follows…

10. Personal Care and Medical Technology 

9. Educational and Social Workers

8. Corporate Management

7. Vehicle Operators for Equipment Transport

6. Metal Workers

5. Mechanical and Auto Engineers

4. Medicine and Health

3. Energy and Electrical professionals 

2. Logistics

1. Sales

What does this mean? 

This shows how important a technical background is right now. 

What if you don’t fit into the top 10? 

That means you have even greater competition, since there are fewer relative openings here in Germany.

Think about how important your approach is for securing any non-top 10 job in Germany. 

Almost every year the rate of jobs secured from personal referral increases. Since 2015, that percentage has risen from 29 to 37%! 

That’s nearly 4 of every 10 jobs that are filled right now in Germany, by a personal recommendation or referral. 

It is still the highest method that jobs are filled by. Every single year. 

Internet job boards are second most at 20%.

Just think about this: How important it is to get a referral or recommendation from someone. 

That’s exactly what we’re doing in our intensive course

One member of our group has already received an offer and is considering accepting. 

*Update: Two members & two accepted offers. 

Book the Intensive Course so you can be the next one to get a job offer from a referral; that either you or I ask for together – the right way. 

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