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May 7th, 2024

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This week I wanted to share with you the results of last weeks survey. The highest response was… (A) tips of the week!

A couple weeks ago, I shared a tip about why you should always check the company website for job openings.

Job boards, like Linkedin, do NOT always show all the available roles for a company.

In case you missed it, you can watch it here

I also shared a tip with you last week on LinkedIn about “Ghost Job Postings“. You can find that post here

This week, I wanted to share a very important notice about what is going on with AI and the screening of candidates when you apply to a company.

Believe it or not, “Easy apply“ on Linkedin, Indeed, or simply entering your application into a pool of hundreds of applications, is the LEAST effective way of getting an offer.

75% of rejections come from from AI filters BEFORE your application even reaches a recruiter.

Great candidates are being filtered out because they don’t have the right keywords on their CV.

Poor candidates are getting good at tricking the systems so they do get invited to an HR interview.

This is all totally wrong and I agree. But can you blame the companies?

Think about what happens when you get 500 applicants or more within a week. It’s too much work for the HR team to go through all the applications manually.

So instead, they are turning to systems to lighten the workload.

My tip, and maybe it seems obvious…

Don’t let an AI determine your fate on your next chapter in Germany.

A new article wrote that nearly 45% of the work force in Germany is looking around or open to a new job!

This is your competition. When you see hundreds of applicants on your desired job post, just think about 75% of those rejected by an AI.

No chance. No HR interview. Time and effort wasted.

Only 1 person gets the job.

I’ve learned this the hard way. I can’t tell you how many rejections I got in my past.

Nothing changes until you do something different.

I want you to get the job you desire, and I want you to start your new chapter in Germany. I carry the feeling with me everyday.

I was so serious about my goal to come and work in Germany, I quit my former job to focus my full-time energy into this.

I now know what works and what does not.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,