How bad do you want it?

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Kevin Kocher


*As seen in this weeks newsletter

I read through all of your emails from two weeks ago. I received over 100 and responded to those I could. 

After I read your responses, I realized one thing.

We are those who want it more than the next person. We took action to at least gather resources and pay attention to the stories of those who went before you, to make it to the place you’re trying to go. It was clear from the responses about the type of person who this community is for.

You have to be “hungry” – and you have to really want it.

There’s no magic or secret to it.

When I was sitting at home through the winter of 2020, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back to Germany and finding the way to get the desired result of a job offer. If you have doubt in your mind about whether this destination is for you, then I doubt the resources we are sharing are going to be worth it.

“Hey Kevin, I have been a quiet listener or, better said, an email reader for a long time from your mentor, Chris Payk. It’s the first time I have responded to the email.”

“Good evening, I was so glad to have received an email concerning help to secure job opportunity because for a very long day to be specific almost 5years ave tried to get a job in Europe but all in vain

“Dear Kevin,I would like to congratulate you on being appointed as the in-charge of immigrants pirit. Wish you all the success in new role. I will need your guidance coming days.”

100 more quotes like those to inspire me that we are doing something meaningful here.

I even tallied the results of reasons you all said was the “biggest problem”

  1. Not speaking German
  2. Not being physically in Germany right now
  3. HR rejections before you even get a formal interview


​These are problems that I know can be solved because I did it myself. Now i’m helping you do the same, so you can either solve or ignore each of the three biggest problems above.

In under two weeks since the start of our combined job hunt, we’ve already had…

a. 50% introduction rate to hiring managers! (Over lifetime program average)

b. 1 formal interview done + case study presentation + references requested

c. 27% introduction rate, three hiring manager calls and one formal interview.

We are holding each other accountable to get the job done. And we want it bad enough to spend the necessary hours on this, working full-time or not.

Because it’s a priority.

So how bad do you want it? We’re waiting for you.​