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Bridging qualified talent and employers

I was once in the same situation as you. I was trying on my own to find success in the German job market from half a world away. Some University language classes, and later, on-and-off tutoring.. turned out that I wasn’t prepared for a job interview.

After months of hardly any progress, I decided to enroll in the winter program of 2021 for Immigrant Spirit. Three months later, I had the job offer I was searching for.

Fast forward to searching for my second job in Germany, I knew to draw on the blueprint that worked for me before. Then a conversation about career advice turned into the opportunity to lead Immigrant Spirit… the course I had followed which gave me my current life.

So I decided to focus my full-time and resources into this. Giving back and guiding was what I decided to be meaningful at this time.

I would be thrilled to hear your story, and hopefully we can work together to create a similar progression for you.

Program background

 In 2013 “Immigrant Spirit” was created by Chris Pyak in order to bring the brightest and most motivated talents in the world to his home country. 

Chris Pyak has been a mentor for Kevin since 2021 and will continue to support as a consultant. 

Over the years, Chris Pyak has worked with over thousand recruiters, hiring managers, and CEOs, to whom he introduces international talent from all over the world and a wide variety of professions.

Chris Pyak is an expert on international recruiting and immigration. He is regularly quoted by German quality media like HandelsblattWirtschaftswocheDie ZeitSpiegelFocusDie WeltFrankfurter RundschauDeutsche WelleDeutschlandfunkARD and ZDF.

His book „How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans” is a step-by-step guide for international professionals into the German job market. The real-life experiences and best practices of thousands of international professionals and hundreds of German employers provided the foundation for this book. 

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